About Us

We at US Culture are inspired by Gods wonderful gift of being part of the American family. The freedom and opportunity afforded to the average every day American to identify one’s life purpose and through creative ingenuity and hard work fulfill your destiny and be the person God wants you to be is a blessing we do not take for granted. The most precious commodities in the United States are the environment; we have some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet, and the spirit and diversity of the American people. We also recognize that some of our political elites on both sides of the isle, have long sold out the American people to Wall St. and the Business sector. The will and needs of the people have been lost to the donor class shifting power away from the people to a high concentration of wealth and power for an opulent minority.
At US Culture we seek to preserve our environment, celebrate our diversity and honor the spirit of the every day American. United Americans stand in support of our Constitution and putting the needs of people and our environment over the Corporate greed of the Billionaire Donor Class. We believe that capitalism without ethical restraints always leads to harm of our citizens and our land, water and air. The next revolution in America will be when the everyday American rejects the logic of the Ruling Class, comes together in solidarity, and reclaims control of the political, economic and moral direction of the country. We must honor the values of the founding fathers to have a Republic that is of the people, by the people and for the people! 
Those who want to get in touch with US Culture or its founder may send their emails to rbaraka1@yahoo.com. We are committed in providing value, reliability and affordability to every member of the American family. We are also on Facebook at Positively American.  Our preferred method of contact is via email. God Bless you, and God Bless America.